Little Church making a big DIFFERENCE

Everyone has a talent and everyone has a need. Together we are working to bring our neighbors together in an effort to showcase the amazing talents of our community. Our mission is to generate revenue and recognition for our local artists, bakers, photographers, authors, crafters, harvesters, and dreamers among other talents. We welcome all trades.. even if your trade is to recycle once well loved household items into new loving homes. Everything matters to someone. With a mission grounded in innovation, we’re always looking for new ways to expand, transform and excite. We’re proud to engage our community with countless customers, which is why we regularly host events such as this one.

We hope you’re able to attend this truly exciting event. If you haven’t already, make sure you RSVP so we can plan accordingly.  A spot for you can be reserved for only $20 per day. Since this is a three day event, we offer a discount of $10 if you want to sign up for all three days. Bring your own Tables and tents and create your own boots. Overnight monitoring of the booths is available,but booths that remain overnight are done so at owners own risk. We can not be responsible for damages from weather of theft although we have never had an issue with theft in the past. Our neighbors watch over us as well and with someone on duty overnight, no one has ever had to worry.

    The money earned by the the renting of the church spots goes to our local ministries which include the upkeep of our church building as well as helping families in need that we are currently sponsoring. We hope that our vendors will receive the recognition and business they deserve by setting up with us so that together we can reach our goals. It is always fun . We are a great group of people who enjoy new faces. Our church sits just down from Carey Hilliards on Waters Ave. Hundreds of cars pass by each hour as they travel between Mall Blvd and Montgomery Xrds. You will be noticed. Please come join us. We would love to meet you.